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Summer Peach Bath Truffle
  • Summer Peach Bath Truffle

    Our luxurious new line of Bath Truffles will give you a wonderful bubble bath experience. Lots of bubbles and scented in your favourite fragrances. Fragrance notes include white florals, peach, guava, mango, and papaya.

    • Bath truffle Use

      Directions: Turn on your bath tap and hold the Bath Truffle under running water, the more water pressure, the more bubbles it will create. You can crumble the truffle while the water is running or just hold it there. You can also swish the water around in the bath to create lots more bubbles too! Get in, relax and enjoy the great feel and fragrance of the truffle on your skin.

      Note: Bath Truffles can make the bath water slippery, so please take extra care when getting out of the bath, so you don't slip.

      Keeping your bath truffles until you are ready to use them. It is best to keep your bath truffle in a cool, dry place before you use them. All bath truffles come individually wrapped to help keep them fresh.

      Bath Truffle Weight approx 90grams each

      Our bath truffles are made with lots of love and care and are made in small batches, so that they are fresh when your purchase them. All colours used are skin safe and wash off.

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